How To Get Students To Integrate Quotations

It’s comforting to know that I’m not alone. Like many writing teachers, I put a lot of effort into asking students to integrate their quotations, but being a logos kind of guy, I emphasize the efficiency of MLA style. From the ethos perspective, I point out that college asks for a different, more concise pattern, that is different from the pattern that was good enough to get you full marks in high school:

In the book Opening Catchphrase: Followed by the Full Title Of A Big Boring Academic Study, by the noted puffologist H. Pompous Windbag III, there is a quote about wordiness. “A long quote that goes on for several sentences.” As you can see, this quote says…

But I haven’t yet found a way to make the argument really hit home. This great suggestion (from I Know What I Know) goes straight to pathos, and really his the mark.

I provide them some examples. I show them some models in the text we use. And then—this is the important part—I pull up a video of a cute and fuzzy kitten.

They all coo over it and giggle.

And then, once they’ve gotten their fill of the kitten, I explain to them that when they fail to integrate their quotations, GOD KILLS A KITTEN.

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