Through the Looking Glass and Back: A MOO Rhetrospective

I’d love the retro goodness of a MOO event with smart and innovative colleagues. I don’t think I’ll be near a WiFi connection at that time, though.

We’d like to invite all in the Techrhet community to the online collaborvention event, “Through the Looking Glass and Back: A MOO Rhetrospective,” to celebrate our MOO past as it connects to our broader history, and its impact on our current and, perhaps, future practices. This online event will take place will take place next week on May 10 at 8 p.m. Central, 9 p.m. Eastern. As always, you can use a MOO client to connect to or you can use the web interface at

If you have a previous MOO character you’d like to use, let us know in advance and we will reactivate your MOO logon. We look forward to seeing you there and discussing the ways in which MOO has shaped and continues to shape our composition practice, theory, and pedagogy.

–Michael Day, Susan Antlitz, and Jane Lasarenko

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