E-books change the way written word is experienced

Great example of how a reporter can take a press release and turn it into human story by adding an anecdotal example that demonstrates why the reader should care.

David J. Loehr, a playwright who lives in southern Indiana, was taking his car to the dealership when a story on the radio gave him an idea for a new play.

Ordinarily, Loehr would have had to make do with jotting down some notes or trying to remember his inspiration. But since he had his iPad with him, he bought a few books on the subject and downloaded them as soon as he got to the dealership. He started his research for the play right there, while his car was being serviced.

“I can have all that research on a single tablet instead of carrying around 40 books,” Loehr said.

Welcome to the future of books, where your entire library is as portable as a cell phone.

A recent study by the Pew Research Centers Internet and American Life Project reported that ownership of e-reader devices doubled between November 2010 and May 2011. –via E-books change the way written word is experienced | Detroit Free Press | freep.com.

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