Print from your iOS devices to any printer on your campus

Phil Komarny, my school’s VP for IT, offers a preview of a plan to implement printing from campus iPads. He’s right — printing is less important when so many of us have iPads, though the occasional need to print flyers, recommendation letters that need to be snail-mailed, etc. means I’m grateful every day for my MacBook.

The question is asked of me almost every time I am at a conference…

How are you supporting printing from iOS devices on your campus?

Up until now, the truth is, we haven’t. Not across campus at least. We do have a few printers in our Solution Center, that with the help of one of our Apple Certified technicians, a few documents have made their way through the air and to our HP 4200N laser printer.

To be quite honest, the demand for printing from the iPad has not been as strong as one might imagine. — Print from your iOS devices to any printer on your campus.

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