How to Reboot Star Trek for Modern TV

I am so far out of the TV-watching habit that, Trekker though I be, I doubt I would watch any new Trek shows. I would probably just explore the fan-made wikis and blogs instead, as I have with Lost and the Battlestar reboot. Still, this imagined set of overlapping mini-shows sounds interesting.

How does one government manage the affairs of over 150 member worlds? What kinds of economic challenges arise in an era where money is obsolete because scarcity is obsolete? How are cultural conflicts and civil liberties issues resolved? Does the Federation have political parties? I think that there’s a real potential to tell some interesting stories that have never really been told on TV in a science fiction context. And the beauty of it is that this show can be cheap. Just a strong core cast and some sets. There’ll be very little need for too many special effects.

How to Reboot Star Trek for Modern TV – Forbes.

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