Encyclopedia Britannica Halts Print Edition

My parents bought the 1976 edition, which came in a concise Micropedia and a more detailed Macropedia. We owned both. I remember using them to help flesh out last-minute homework assignments, but I have stronger memories of looking up topics like the psychological development of teenagers, acne, puberty, etc.

The Encyclopedia Britannica has announced that after 244 years, dozens of editions and more than 7m sets sold, no new editions will be put to paper. The 32 volumes of the 2010 installment, it turns out, were the last. Future editions will live exclusively online.
For some readers the news will provoke malaise at the wayward course of this misguided age. Others will wonder, in the era of Wikipedia, what took the dinosaur so long to die. Neither view quite captures the company or the crossroads. —m.guardian.co.uk.

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