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Annette Vee posted a very helpful resource on code studies.

With the recent uptick in the “everyone should code” movement, it seems that everyone’s now talking about computer programming as a new form of literacy. The terms by which people refer to the concept vary, but the central idea is shared: computational literacy; computational thinking; procedural literacy; proceduracy; computer literacy; iteracy. I’ve been working in this area for a few years now from the perspective of literacy studies, and I thought it might be a good time to share an annotated list of resources that I’ve found helpful in thinking through computer programming as a literacy. Chris Lindgren assembled a bibliography before me, and there’s a lot of overlap here. I’m inclined to say that the overlap points toward a burgeoning canon, although that recognition comes with the requisite wincing about a lack of gender/race diversity here.

I’ve listed just online or print texts, and the list tends toward the academic and historical. My Diigo library, assembled over the last few years with the tag “proceduracy”, is a better resource for public discussions about computer programming as a literacy.

Computer Programming and Literacy: An Annotated Bibliography » Nettework.