Will Your Children Inherit Your E-Books?

What happens to our books when we die? Many books disappear before we do, of course; they fall apart, or we put them out on the stoop for scavengers. A book like this one, however — a text that is still read and reprinted, that has played a notable role in the 20th-century imagination, and then a copy of the text that played an especially interesting role — is likely to be passed down carefully as long as we can preserve and recognize it. Like the Bibles some families use to record their histories, it traces a chain of readers through time. —Will Your Children Inherit Your E-Books?

Jill Walker Rettberg (@jilltxt)
6/24/12 3:00 AM
My kids won’t inherit my ebooks, but my blog, FB, tagged photos: much more of “me” than book annotations

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