CityGab: Baby pictures thwarted with new Chrome plug-in

I have no problem with baby pictures, but thought this was an amusing write up (by a former student).

But really, who doesn’t love a baby photo? I do. It’s the perfect way to share in the cuteness of a child, but not actually clean up after one. I’ve followed the lives of some of my relatives’ kids solely through Facebook.

But when I’m inundated with baby photos, as I sometimes do, it tends to get a little tiresome and…weird. I risk alienating myself from nearly every friend and family member with a child by saying this, but when it comes to babies – and especially newborns – I’m usually with George Carlin (see at 6:40)

So I had to laugh when I heard about this plug-in for Chrome called It works like this: The extension replaces any and all baby pictures on Facebook with other content that you get to choose (i.e. cats, baby sloths or squirrels). After installing the program, users refresh their Facebook feed, and the babies are replaced by something else that you specify like “squirrels” or “baby sloths” or a Flickr feed. —Amanda Cochran.

One thought on “CityGab: Baby pictures thwarted with new Chrome plug-in

  1. Thanks for the link! A friend of mine told me after he posted a link to on his Facebook profile he was defriended by 16 people. Wondering if this will be my Facebook fate. And trying to feel worse about that…

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