Shatoetry iPhone app lets you put… words… in… William Shatner’s… mouth

20121101-211313.jpgWilliam Shatner and technology go way back, but it’s taken him until today to get his own smartphone app. Then again, he is a man known to take long pauses. Dubbed Shatoetry, the new app (iPhone-only, for the moment) lets you string together a variety of pre-recorded words — each with three different versions — and have the resulting “Shatism” read aloud by Shatner himself. You’re then able to send the message to your friends through all the usual means, or even take advantage of a co-op mode that lets you collaborate on a phrase. Of course, spoken word Shatner on-demand doesn’t come free — the app will set you back $2.99. —Engadget.