“We are not Amazon franchises”: booksellers respond to Amazon Source

Wonderful snark from an indie bookseller unimpressed by a fairly transparent plan by Amazon.

20131107-232811.jpg“Left Bank Books announces its new program whereby Amazon.com buys its books from us at a fifty percent markup over list price. They will also be charged shipping. We believe this will allow Amazon to be a part of the bricks and mortar experience that they can’t do without. Prior to this program Amazon was forced to make do with warehouses in tax free environments that did not leave their customers with that satisfied, ’I supported my local economy’ feeling they increasingly want. Now with the innovative Left Bank Books program they are easily able to stay relevant in a world that demands more integrity from its retail experience.” — Kris Kleindienst, Left Bank Books, MO

"We are not Amazon franchises": booksellers respond to Amazon Source | MobyLives.

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