No, the AHCA Doesn’t Make Rape a Preexisting Condition

A Republican Facebook friend posted a link to this article, which acknowledges that there’s plenty to dislike about Trumpcare, but challenges the truth behind some of the statements that are driving online outrage. Remember the Trump administration’s strategy — do something that invokes outrage, pounce and call it “fake news” as soon as someone exaggerates or makes a mistake in reporting on the outrage, and while everyone is distracted, do something nobody would expect. (What are we not paying attention to right now? I don’t the answer, I’m just asking the question.)

Even if Obamacare is replaced by the AHCA tomorrow, insurers in 44 states will still be barred by law from considering domestic and sexual abuse a preexisting condition. Doesn’t that mean there’s a possibility that those other six states could choose to apply for waivers, and then insurance companies within them could perhaps choose to charge higher premiums for abuse victims? Yes. They also could choose to charge higher premiums for prior victims of car accidents and ingrown toenails. It doesn’t mean they will. A Politifact investigation in 2009 could turn up no evidence that such practices were happening in the then-eight states that would allow it. “Just because it’s legal in some states for insurance companies to cite domestic violence as a pre-existing condition, it doesn’t mean that insurance companies are actually taking advantage of the loophole,” it noted. —