Curse you, conference proposal word limits.

  • I’m frustrated by these accursed conference proposal maximum word counts. (10)
  • Curse you, conference proposal word limits. (6)
  • Damn proposal word counts!! (4)
  • Cut wherever possible. (3)
  • Trim wordiness. (2)
  • Simplify. (1)
Actually, that helped. Back at it.

3 thoughts on “Curse you, conference proposal word limits.

  1. Here’s the abstract. Deadline was midnight. “The free, open-source Blender Game Engine may help our millennials develop the rhetorical power of their game literacy. The workshop walks participants through the creation of plain-vanilla arcade and maze games. Participants will learn how to swap out the placeholder artwork and mindfully alter the default game mechanics, thus turning a value-neutral demo game into an explicitly rhetorical digital artifact. A wrap-up discussion will examine pedagogically useful ways to evaluate how a given game mechanic or asset, as implemented by the student’s modification, reflects and/or distorts the positions held by real-world counterparts to the simulated stakeholders.”

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