Affect (v. “to change”) vs. Effect (n. “the result”)

I ran into this problem several times in the last set of student papers, so it’s time for another illustration. When you’re talking about making a change, you mean the verb “affect,” and when you’re talking about something that results from a cause, you mean the noun “effect.” It’s rare to encounter “effect” as a verb (meaning “bring about”) and even rarer to encounter “affect” as a noun (used in psychology to refer to an emotional response).

3 thoughts on “Affect (v. “to change”) vs. Effect (n. “the result”)

  1. I was 10 years old when my family immigrated to the U.S., and English was my third language. When I started attending American schools, I could never understand how my classmates could have SO MUCH TROUBLE distinguishing between “affect” and “effect”! 🤔

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