Me (glares in iambic pentameter)

Me: I need to post the opening lecture for my online Shakespeare class.
Also me: I should compose it in blank verse.
Me (glares in iambic pentameter):
Also me:
O for a Canvas of fire, to surpass
The farthest distance of instruction.
SHU tech is cool, but can a Macbook hold
A seminar discussion? Can we cram
Within an LMS the self-same class
That does engage the students on campus?
Think, when we talk of classmates, that you see them
Raising their bold hands in response to prompts.
For ‘tis your iPad now that holds our text,
Querying it there, citing across threads,
And what might be a simple in-class task
Becomes a forum post. For which supply,
Behold me, Teacher, and my syllabus;
Who with this rough-cut blank verse asks
You bravely take, and kindly judge, this class.

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