Rhinoceros in Love (World Drama — China, 1999)

The blurb for a 2011 English version of the 1999 Chinese play I’m teaching this week:

China’s most popular and provocative drama. A modern story of love and obsession, Rhinoceros in Love tells the story of a rhinoceros-keeper who develops a dangerous romantic fascination with the woman of his dreams: the uncompromising, unobtainable Mingming. Hear from the director Meng Jinghui about this smash-hit show which continues to play nightly in Beijing to houses packed with young audiences.

I recorded last week’s Oedipus the Tyrant videos as screencasts, but now that SHU has cancelled in-person classes for the remainder of the term, I thought I’d put in the extra effort to let students see my face. (I edited out some coughing fits, which were lingering traces of the illness that hit me Feb 29.)

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