Humans Aren’t Mentally Ready for an AI-Saturated ‘Post-Truth World’

How is AI going to change individuals and society in the not-too-distant future?

AI will obviously make it easier to produce disinformation—from fake images to deepfakes to fake news. That will affect people’s sense of trust as they’re scrolling on social media. AI can also allow someone to imitate your loved ones, which further erodes people’s general ability to trust what was once unquestionable. That may also affect how they think about identity.

Your own identity can be threatened by deepfakes, too, if people are creating images or videos of you doing things you never actually did. In the US, people often identify with their jobs, and those could soon be threatened. Will AI make people more reliant on and distracted by technology at a time when that’s already a major issue? There are countless ways AI could reshape how people operate in the world. But researchers are only just beginning to grapple with the implications of an AI-saturated existence. —Wired

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