PLS York Plays 2025 — Prof. Matthew Sergi’s Call for Theatrical Participants

Very excited to see this project coming together at the University of Toronto. As a grad student, my first scholarly publication was an explanation of my own 2D simulation of the York Corpus Christi pageant.

On Saturday, June 7, 2025 (rain date Sunday, June 8, 2025), starting at 6:30am and continuing past midnight, we will be staging all of the York plays in medieval style, across three or four performance stations, outdoors on the University of Toronto campus. We want to involve multiple different production teams: each of sixteen groups will be assigned to a different “cluster” of the short medieval play scripts, totalling about 50 minutes of content; using those scripts, each group, on its own, will produce and rehearse two separate 25-minute play-cluster productions, then we’ll all convene on campus to present the plays, in order, from sunrise through midnight. Then, at the very end, the final play of the series (directed by our seventeenth group, PLS) will bring all the other groups together into one massive finale. (For more information on, and the rationales behind, the clustering system, click here).

Source: PLS York Plays 2025 — Prof. Matthew Sergi:

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