The Washington Post Tells Staff It’s Pivoting to AI: “AI everywhere in our newsroom.”

Already facing scandal, the Washington Post‘s new-ish CEO and publisher, Will Lewis, has announced that the newspaper will be pivoting to artificial intelligence to turn around its dismal financial situation.


The paper’s chief technology officer, meanwhile, announced to staffers that going forward, WaPo is to have “AI everywhere in our newsroom,” according to Tani. It’s unclear, however, what exactly that directive will entail.


Coincidentally, news of WaPo‘s AI pivot comes the same day as the announcement of a landmark deal between NewsCorp and OpenAI that will allow the AI firm to use content from the conglomerate’s properties, which include the WSJ, the New York Post, and the Times of London.

It’s a big day for NewsCorp and a big day for AI — and a bad one, we reckon, for the media as a whole. —Futurism

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