Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications

navigate Avoid the verb navigate to refer to moving from site to site, page to page within a site, or link to link on the Internet (or on the desktop or in other applications, as well). Instead, use explore to mean looking for sites or pages generally, move to or move through to refer to sequentially moving from one link or site to another, or a similar neutral term describing the action.” Micro$oft

Jen Veterli comments: “Gee, I can’t imagine why Microsoft would dislike the word ‘navigate‘….”

Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical PublicationsMicro$oft — via Circadian Shift)

BTW, I added the inline link above. I spent two semesters interning and one summer working for a radio news station when I was an undergrad. During that time I persistently challenged anyone who refered to a “press conference” or a “press release”. After all, a radio has nothing to do with a printing press. Language is fun. I can look back at my attempt to control language as sort of dorkily amusing, but when Bill Gates tries to control language, it’s scary.