On Barger, Books and Blogs

On Barger, Books and BlogsLiteracy Weblog)

Unless I’m mistaken, Jorn Barger doesn’t seem to have updated his Robot Wisdom weblog in weeks (yeah, yeah, I’m the pot, he’s the kettle, I know).

The 2 Blowhards critique of book culture reminds me of “Theory: Write a web-book in a day“, a usenet posting by Jorn Barger. Barger responded to my input by telling me that I should go find my own Internet where I wouldn’t bother the idealists.

Barger incidentally coined the term “weblog” in a 1997 Usenet posting. The term was met with some snarky responses about bias and yellow journalism, but Barger replied as if the “yellow” comment is a superficial complaint about his choice of background color. Was Barger playing dumb, or did he miss the point of the critique? The exchange reads ambiguously to me.

Barger’s Web Resources FAQ of 1999 is similarly terse and provocative — which is consistent with Barger’s casting of himself as a free-floating radical. He has in the past threatened to stop blogging unless he gets consulting work, and he seems to have disappeared from Usenet as well.