The Bleat Goes On

“Lileks is widely linked to and commented upon, and his fans stretch across the vast political spectrum of the Internet’s chattering class. This is a sure sign of broad appeal because the weak are never recognized by the blogosphere and the old and the lazy are mercilessly culled from the herd. Lileks is prospering on the web because Lileks is good.” Hugh HewittThe Bleat Goes On (Weekly Standard)

My former student Matt Hoy first introduced me to Lileks via a column he (Lileks) had written about a classic text adventure game. That started a chain of events that brought Scott Adams to UWEC for the “Storytelling in Computer Games” roundtable.

Traditionally, male writers have separated their public and personal selves; the blending of spheres is supposed to be characteristic of female writers, but Lileks achieves a pleasant balance almost all the time. I’m not a regular reader, but I do check him out anytime he appears on Blogdex or Daypop.