Keeping Track

I add entries to various writing-charts like an accountant keeps a ledger book (and I do keep a ledger or sorts, too, for all my writing income and expenses). Why? Because no one else will…. There are lists that everyone should keep and others that some of just keep because we’re odd. To each his own. Here are the sorts of accounts or lists I regularly update… Mike ArnzenKeeping Track (Gorelets)

That article is an inspiration. Hmm… one reason I blog is that it handles the organization of my thoughts for me. But there’s plenty of off-line work that I do (or should be doing) that is harder for me to track.

Next month I’ll briefly be going to Texas to visit my wife’s family, then I’ll leave them there for another week and come back and work like a dog to tackle some off-line projects that have been suffering as I made the transition to a new job.