Writing Fable — part one

While some early reviews bemoan the fact that elements of Fable had to be scaled back, it‘sclear that the game is still remarkably ambitious. As the player‘scharacter ages, and as the world changes around him (“him? because plans for female heros were among those cut), he can choose at almost any time to explore and adventure in the world, pick up the plot of the hero‘sjourney, or try to use the actions available in the simulated world to route around what would be the next necessary step in a hoop-jumping adventure game. And, what‘smore, this world isn’t just a graphical world. It‘salso a linguistic one. It‘sone in which the work of writers James Leach chief among them is central. —Noah Wardrip-FruinWriting Fable part one (http://grandtextauto.org)

An illuminating analysis of the writing that went into this X-Box game. I look forward to more!

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