Visiting the Four Seas During the 4Cs

Visiting the Four Seas During the 4Cs (Jerz’s CCCC 05 Notes)

On my last night at the Conference on College Composition and Communication (known as “the 4Cs”), after the blogging special interest group, some of us walked through Chinatown in the light rain. What did I spy but a restaurant named “The Four Seas.”

pic046.jpg pic049.jpg FourSeas.jpg

I ogled Daisy’s digital camera (she used it to take the picture), and learned how to use chopsticks, which was much easier than I ever thought it would be.

John Lovas dropped Daisy and me off back at the Moscone Center, where we amused ourselves watching our elders do the Electric Slide at the rock-and-roll party (an annual event sponsored by one of the publishers). Charlie pointed out that the cash bar was rather expensive, and led a few jaunts around the corner to a jazz bar, where the drinks were apparently a little cheaper. (I never got into the habit of drinking, but having nothing better to do, I tagged along.)