A Gamer's Manifesto

If the new consoles are built with a graphics-first mentality, how easy is it going to be to make games that stretch the boundaries of game logic and player freedom? And if so, can we at least have our damned adventure games back?

But there’s another, less-obvious side of that muffin: if a machine is so “advanced” it can draw a photo-realistic city in the background of every level, that only means that developers now must to hire somebody to render that photorealistic city instead of pasting on a bit of flat, blurred wallpaper. That means game development costs are skyrocketing and that leads to the big-budget Hollywood blockbuster syndrome. Bigger investments means developers must “play it safe” for fear of losing their ass. And that means fewer and fewer oddball “niche” games like those mentioned above and more quickie knock-offs based on movies. —David Wong and HaimoimoiA Gamer’s Manifesto (PointlessWasteOfTime.com)

Some spicy language, but it’s refreshing to read this kid of stuff from someone who isn’t a stuffy narratologist academic like me. Via Slashdot.