What's On Your Office Door?

What’s On Your Office Door? (Pedablogue)


Left to right:

  • Pittsburgh goes blog wild! I’m not featured in this article, but my blog is one of the many that’s aggregated on this site.
  • Rules Grammar Change and School ‘Fine’ U.S. Teens Report
  • Grad Student Deconstructs Take-out Menu
  • On the door itself — just the institutional nameplate, a buisness card (for visitors to take, if they wish — I should put some more up there) and a big empty space where my office hours for this term should be (I’m printing it up now).
  • Freedom of Speech Redefined by Blogs
  • An “Over the Hedge” comic strip about blogs.
  • Until recently, I had some political cartoons about the death of John Paul II, including one in which microphones and TV cameras aim towards a cross-shaped empty space, in tribute to the late pontiff’s masterful use of the media.