The Encyclopedia Frobozzica

I was a huge fan of Lucasarts’ adventure games (Loom, The Monkey Islands and so on), and the fact that they were primarily word driven. There were graphics – and what graphics! – but for the most part they presented the player with an interesting dichotomy – nothing ever really happened, but you were responsible for it all. You would chat to somebody who would tell you that they wanted a compass, for example, and it was up to you to get that compass. Only, they would never just say “Get me the compass”. Instead, it would be a conversation that could take up to twenty minutes, where you found out about the character’s history, family, likes and dislikes, and, above all, the reason for them wanting the compass in the first place. —The Encyclopedia Frobozzica (Progression: Following Myself)

A well-done personal reflection on the graphical adventure genre.