Courier-Journal reporter ejected from U of L game: Bennett removed for blogging super-regional

A Courier-Journal sports reporter had his media credential revoked and was ordered to leave the press box during the NCAA baseball super-regional yesterday because of what the NCAA alleged was a violation of its policies prohibiting live Internet updates from its championship events. —Rick BozichCourier-Journal reporter ejected from U of L game: Bennett removed for blogging super-regional (Courier-Journal)

I’m posting this version because I find it interesting that, when the Courier-Journal reported on the incident, it emphasized the involvement of the paper, while when this story attracts the blogosphere, it will be the identity of the reporter as a staff blogger that gives the story legs.

It’s unusual for a newspaper to interview its own staff members, but the paper’s executive editor, Bernie L. Ivory, gets a few good zingers about First Amendment rights, and a lawyer-friendly response to a claim that the NCAA threatened to punish the University of Louisville if officials did not revoke the reporter’s press pass: “If that’s true, that’s nothing short of extortion and thuggery.”

The Courier-Journal carefully included the “If that’s true” part of Ivory’s quote, which is a good hedge against future accusations of libel. (See this current story about how selective quoting made Edwards sound like he was talking about the Paris Hilton saga, when in fact he twice said he wasn’t talking about her.)

The reporter was warned before the game that if he blogged during the game, it was in violation of NCAA policies. He consulted his editors, and went ahead and blogged anyway.