This is fun? (Question posed to a text-adventure newsgroup.)

On Jan 21, 3:47 pm, Conrad <conradc…> wrote:
> I’m supposed to not know what direction I can walk in?
> This is fun?

Play Adventure it to appreciate the big jump from Hunt the Wumpus and mainframe Trek.  

Play it, not merely seeking conformation for your own definition of “fun,” but rather to understand why computer users across the early ‘net who (according to one humorous estimate) lost about two weeks of work because they were obsessed by the their first encounter with the game.  They must have thought it was fun… why? How did their expectations differ from ours? How was their world differ from ours?

Play it to reach back more than 30 years in time, in order to understand where were are today.

Play it to expand your mind, to refresh your imagination, to challenge your assumptions.  

Play it to appreciate what Crowther and Woods created out of thin air — all the more wonderful because they built it for love and shared it for free.  

Play it to exercise that part of your mind that will recognize next ground-breaking, genre-defining innovation.

Play Adventure so that, one day when you stumble across something new, you can be the one who says, “Look at this, guys… here’s why I think it changes everything!”  

Is *this* fun?

I think so!

[Conrad did end his note by saying ”  Well, I’ll give it another shot…,” and the above is my attempt to give him a bit of historical context for Colossal Cave Adventure.]