Kindle's DRM Rears Its Ugly Head… And It IS Ugly | Gear Diary

I have not yet bought a Kindle, though I’d like one.  However, this bit of news gives me pause. It’s exactly the worry that has kept me from sinking money into a proprietary format.  Here’s Dan Cohen, explaining what he learned from an Amazon customer service rep, after some of the books he purchased failed to transfer from his online account to his iPhone:

You can buy a book and it can only be downloaded numerous times or
you can buy a book and only then discover that it can be downloaded
only once. (The rep even put it this way!) There is no way to know.

In the meantime, Amazon wants us to upgrade our
Kindles every year or two. Apple wants us to upgrade our iPhone or iPod
touch every year or two. This means that although the books remain in
your Kindle library online you may not be able to download them once
you upgrade your hardware. And there is no way to know — at least according to what the customer service rep told me. — Gear Diary