Pre-Grade Your Paper

It’s not really a grading tool, but it might be worth introducing into the writing process.  I’m running a paper workshop tomorrow… I might give it a shot. is a free resource, developed and maintained by
linguistics professionals and graduate students. is used
by schools and universities in over 46 countries to help students
improve their writing. combines the power of natural language processing (NLP),
artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, information retrieval
(IR), computational linguistics, data mining, and advanced pattern
matching (APM). We offer the most powerful writing tool available on the internet today.

Before we could offer we had to overcome large
challenges related to computational linguistic design and development,
handling transliteration variation; ethnolinguistic identification;
document classification and entity extraction; name parsing and
regularization; duplicate document recognition, plagiarism detection,
clustering, and prioritization; automatic entity extraction and entity
resolution. —About

3 thoughts on “Pre-Grade Your Paper

  1. Dennis,
    Wow, is this not timing or what? I have enjoyed getting to know your web site and resources and in the process found this recent article you posted from yesterday. Interesting enough I am currently writing a mock Thesis regarding teachers abilities to teach or not based on the students observations and acquired data vs. student test scores. Long story short could you please patch me the link and or reference to Gates article? I’m curious to know what else he had to say. Thanks and I love your resources and wealth of information. Truly appreciated!

  2. I’ve been using this site with some of my students and it works pretty well. I would recommend it. It is being actively developed, so I’m expecting improvements. And you have to love the fact that it’s free.

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