40% Say Internet Best Way to Get News, 37% Say TV

The article is short, but I particularly like the links that show the wording of the questions and the survey methodology. Bear in mind that this survey does not check o see which form of news is more accurate, comprehensive, unbiased, timely, profitable, etc. The survey just asks for personal preference.

More Americans turn to the world wide web to get their news nowadays, but nearly as many still think television news is the most reliable news source available.

via Rasmussen Reports.

2 thoughts on “40% Say Internet Best Way to Get News, 37% Say TV

  1. But isn’t this a poorly worded survey—if I read newspapers online, which would I answer ” I get my news online” or ” I get my news from print newspapers”?, with that same ambiguity carried over into Q2, and Q3 fails to deal with the concept that ‘newspapers’ may go ‘out of print’ without going ‘out of busines’…

    • The article includes a link that shows the actual wording of the question: “1* What is the best way to get news and information in today’s world… the Internet, print newspapers, radio or television?”

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