In December 2000, I was blogging about typeface snobbery, freedom in video game spaces, the first email message, and T.S. Eliot’s anti-semitism

In December 2000, I was blogging about

  • Dennis G. Jerz | Associate Professor of English -- New Media Journalism, Seton Hill University | LogoTypeface snobbery (The Onion)
  • Videogames as gendered play spaces (Henry Jenkins)
    Who wouldn’t want to trade in the confinement of your room for the immersion promised by today’s video games? …. Perhaps, my son finds in his video games what I found in the woods behind the school, on my bike whizzing down the hills of the suburban back streets, or settled into my treehouse during a thunder storm with a good adventure novel — intensity of experience, escape from adult regulation; in short, “complete freedom of movement.”
  • The first email message (Pretext)
  • “You may be plugged into the information superhighway, but deep down you’re still a caveman.” (New Scientist)
  • Anti-semitism as a key to understanding T. S. Eliot (Christianity Today) (I remember it that it really hurt to read this! Eliot was a huge influence on me in grad school, but I was clueless about his anti-semitism.)
  • The 2000 presidential election: “My brother-in-law was visiting D.C. this week; he reports a co-worker’s reaction to the Election 2000 conclusion: “I wish they weren’t pre-empting ‘The West Wing’. I’d rather see a presidential drama that’s well-written and believable.”
  • Newton’s sleeping tree
    dropped an apple silently:
    gravity revealed
    (Scientific Haiku)

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