In February, 2001, I was blogging about computer nostalgia, Napster, a horror typing game, usability, and web blurbs.

In February, 2001, I was blogging about

  • Computer nostalgia and text adventure games.“Walking into a room rendered in the Q3 engine can be lovely and impressive, but when you’ve only 16K to tell a story, you have to rely on the gamer’s imagination to provide the details. Just the words ‘you are on a beach’ can summon vistas no game can provide.” — James Lileks
    Napster. File-sharing was destroying the economic model of the recording industry. Here’s a screenshot of what the Yahoo News “Technology Full Coverage” section looked like on February 23, 2001.
  • The Typing of the Dead: A review of a horror game that also teaches keyboarding:
  • Are Users Stupid? (Jakob Nielsen doing his usual evangelization of simple websites that put the user’s needs first)
  • Blurbs (my instructional handout on meaningful previews of what’s on the other end of a link; the opposite of “clickbait”)

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