Sexy and Battery-Operated, She's Too Good to Be True

Soon Phyllis has figured out how to use Ellery’s credit cards, order a cookbook and prepare a purée of parsnips for the neighbors. “Phyllis was grandstanding as a newlywed,” Ellery tells himself. “Was that good or bad?” Either way, it’s all too appropriate to the six-person dinner party under way. It later turns out that two more of the six guests also happened to be animatronic, and that one of them was purchased on eBay. —Janet Maslin reviews Thomas Berger’s Adventures of the Artificial Woman.
Sexy and Battery-Operated, She’s Too Good to Be True (NY Times (will expire))

From the review, it looks like the book contains enough twists and turns that it might be interesting. I find the whole notion of sexual robots extremely creepy, but I gather this book is trying to be a satire, not a realistic work of speculative fiction. Via Machinewatch.