MySpace: The Movie

MySpace: The Movie (YouTube)

I just watched MySpace: The Movie. (Above link goes to the version on YouTube, which is more accessible, but the filmmaker’s site is

The cross-dressing gag is just juvenile, and the editing in that skit needed to be tighter. Overall, though, this little collection of skits is a good window into a pop culture online world that used to be inhabited only by geeks, but thrives beneath the radar of mainstream culture. All these little stories are parables about responsibility. I’m too muddle-headed with a fever to process this short film deeply, but I’d be happy to know what anyone else thinks.

I might assign this film in my Writing for the Internet class, along with student Karissa Kilgore’s newspaper column.

For the 4Cs, I recently submitted a proposal that the weblog special interest group and the wiki special interest group be merged to form the “Emerging Social Software” group.