Motivation Amid Crisis (Autotrophic Bat)

As part of an independent study project, a graduating Seton Hill student wrote a blog about self-publishing her original collection of fairy-tale adaptations. She’s a double-major in creative writing and graphic design, and she freely adapted each story and illustrated each one in a different style. (She’ll be self-publishing her anthology soon, and I’ll certainly post about it.)

Here is a reflection she wrote on staying motivated during the pandemic:

Writing during a pandemic is nothing new. Neither is writing during a civil rights movement. And of course, the image of a depressed writer writing depressed writery things depressingly is pretty much a job description for anyone considering a degree in creative writing. Perhaps there is a reassurance there, that famous people from long ago felt the same way writers like me feel today. However, what I take away from Woolf’s words in my current state is that if I want to get my creativity out there, I need to learn to work through these dark periods of the mind. –Beck Scassellati, Autotrophic Bat


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