In January 2001, I was blogging about Bill Clinton’s #WhiteHouse security deposit, anachronism in the #Titanic movie, a textual detective, and #email #etiquette

In January 2001, I was blogging about

  • Dennis G. Jerz | Associate Professor of English -- New Media Journalism, Seton Hill University | LogoThe Onion: Clinton Not Expecting to Collect White House Security Deposit
  • Anachronisms in the movie Titanic
  • A textual detective who helps the FBI solve crimes and says Clement Clark Moore did not write “A Visit from St. Nicholas”
  • A student whose client backed out needed a project, so I asked her to write a handout on email.
    • Writing Effective Email: Top 10 Tips —  Write a meaningful subject line; keep the message short and readable; avoid attachments; identify yourself; don’t flame (and more).
    • First draft submitted by Jessica Bauer Dec 12 2000; I touched it up and posted it on my blog a few weeks later
    • Two decades later it’s still one of the most popular pages on my website.

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