Blender 3D Flyover of Fantasy Steampunk Spacecraft

When my kids were small, at bedtime we had interactive “blimpship stories,” set in a steampunk world. I would set up the latest plot developments, each child would pick a character they wanted to focus on, and I would play the DM as we role-played for 15-30 minutes. These stories grew amazingly complex and developed story arcs that lasted for years. For a while, the kids were pulling apart their…

Toiletries for a steampunk villain who needs to look dapper. Straight razor and shaving brush on a chrome stand with a marble base. #Blender3D practice.

Nice lighting shows clearly that I have no idea how to do translucency. See the vertical lines in the highlighted edge just under the cabinet window? The woodgrain is going the wrong way. I know how to fix that, but still don’t know why the soap bottle and the brush bristles look like a styrofoam craft snowman.

Steampunk Ex Machina

In the steampunk bedtime stories I used to tell my kids, the characters would embark on Earthbound adventures or welcome a visitor arriving via “the gondola.” Serving the same function as the transporter or shuttlecraft in Star Trek, it could conveniently break down when I needed the characters to be isolated, and it could miraculously start working again when I needed to wrap up the plot. Modeled in Blender3D.