Wi-Fi Madness

Wireless internet is an idea that first formulated back during the Cold War. It was a young Al Gore who first was struck in the head by an apple (much like Sir Newton, except this apple was thrown at Gore by Ollie North). Mr. Gore said to himself, in a very slow and monotonous tone, “I should create a world wide communication network… with my bare hands! All by myself!” And then, about an hour later, over a bowl of scrambled eggs with ketchup, he thought out loud, “You know what… once I have this internet thing completed, I should make it go through the air without wires… I will make this with my bare hands! The question is how…” —Mike RubinoWi-Fi Madness (Tranquility Lost)

Lately I’ve been love-bombing Mike Rubino, a graphic arts and creative writing double major, who’s a major presence on blogs.setonhill.edu, but who for some silly reason won’t declare a new media journalism major. He hasn’t even taken a class with me yet. (Was it something I said?)

Anyway, he’s a great satirist. I’m surprised I missed this back in August when he first posted it.

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