In December 1999, I Was Blogging About Joseph Heller, E-Journalism, and Travel Writing

Logo (large, bold capital "J")In December 1999, I was blogging about:

  • The death of Joseph Heller (author of Catch-22, which invented the term)
  • “On the Internet, every page is hot off the presses… or could be, if editors and publishers simply realized that ‘[i]nteractive media eliminates the holy deadline.’ What’s left over feels more like gardening.”
  • Dot-coms hiring journalists, (A “dot-com,” so named for the web address, was the trendy term for companies flailing around trying to figure out how to do business online.)
  • “Travel writer Rolf Potts reflects that trying to travel and to write on the same trip is like trying to run a monastery and a disco in the same building.”

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