Rediscovering History’s Lost First Female Video Game Designer

RCA’s console never rivaled the impact of Atari’s VCS, Magnavox’s Odyssey, or Mattel’s Intellivision, and few people remember it today. But the true story behind it is fascinating. Its underlying technology began in 1969 as a personal computer developed at home by one man with a vision, Joseph Weisbecker. His daughter, Joyce, ended up being the earliest known female developer who wrote video games and got paid for it. —Co.Design

My undergraduate connects the Leontes/Polixenes conflict in The Winter’s Tale to a pro wrestling “heel turn”

Today’s class on The Winter’s Tale was very much the kind of class that I hoped for when I was an undergraduate thinking, “Maybe I’d like to be an English professor.” Leontes and Polyxines in “The Winter’s Tale” grew up together, but for no good reason other than it sets the plot in motion, Leontes becomes insanely jealous of his friend’s attention to his wife Hermione. I reminded my students…


Death of NFL inevitable as middle class abandons the game

Like vegan pizzas and secular Christmas celebrations, I can hear and understand the reasoning behind why people like football, but their explanation does nothing to make me want to participate on any level. So it’s very interesting to me to read this report of an apparent cultural shift, sparked by concerns about brain injury. You really think the NFL is worried about young athletes? If so, they’d have changed the…